COVID-19 Update (March 27)

Friday, March 27, 2020

Waldorf SC Families,

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves, I want to assure you that we are monitoring and following recommendations from public health officials, Charles County Schools and Charles County Parks as we consider when to safely resume our spring season.   


Based on what we know today, our plan for now and this season will be as follows: 

For now; In keeping within compliance of our governing bodies, ALL team organized, coach, assistant coach, or manager lead practices, training, conditioning, scrimmages and games at any public, private or rented facility will continue to be canceled through Sunday, APRIL 26th.   Given that we rely on Charles County Public Schools for our practice fields, our return to practice date will depend on the re-opening of schools.  Charles County Parks has closed Bryantown Sports Complex until further notice.   Therefore, be aware that APRIL 26th is the “best case scenario”. 

Individually, I hope players are able to get outside and kick the ball around, go for a run, be a kid and enjoy the sunshine. 

Travel and Rec Plus Coaches, we cannot overemphasize the necessity and importance of your compliance.  As such, any coach found to be in violation of these cancelations will be brought before the Executive board, fined and suspended for the season. 

Going forward (best case)

Travel: Normal training is anticipated to resume on Monday, APRIL 27th, utilizing public school fields and/or CSM (CSM after April 30).   Currently, both EDP and NCSL are planning new game schedules, with several options being discussed. 

Rec Plus: Normal training is anticipated to resume on Monday, APRIL 27th, utilizing public school fields.  We have elected to delay the start of our Rec/Rec Plus season games until at least Saturday May 2nd. 

Recreational Program (SMYSL, Kiddie Kicks, U6 Junior academy):    Normal training is anticipated to resume on Monday, APRIL 27th, utilizing public school fields.  Games will not begin until Saturday May 2nd at the earliest.   At this time, we still plan for a full spring season, meaning we may have weeknight and/or Sunday games.       

REFUND REQUESTS:  We have already received several refund requests.   Since the club must pay for many services in advance, a mass refund would cause a substantial financial shortfall for the club and cause further long-term harm.  When the time comes, we will work with our partners to maximize refunds due to the club – or potentially move forward to future seasons/programs.  Much more is to be decided on this.  Therefore, we will NOT consider any refund requests until such time as we have a better understanding of things.   Generally, if the spring season is ultimately cancelled, you can expect that if refunds are not given, you will receive some sort of credit towards future seasons.   Let’s hope we get the season started in May so refunds or credits won’t be necessary.  Thanks for understanding.  

This is the situation as we know it today.  We have a “hope for the best, plan for the worst” mentality right now.  We will plan to send another update around April 15th.   If anything changes between now and then, we will get word out as quickly as possible.  Thank you again for your continued patience and understanding. 

Keep washing those hands, practice social distancing, stay hydrated and remain healthy.


Dave Weavill

President, Waldorf Soccer Club